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Why Buy Vegan Burgers from Kester Foods?

by Kester Foods August 04, 2016

When you decide to adopt a vegan lifestyle, you make a choice to live a healthy lifestyle while protecting the animal kingdom and the environment. Avoiding animal products not only has the potential to remove allergens, fat, and cholesterol from your diet, but promotes more ethical treatment of animals.

Based on a 2015 Harris Poll, the combination of health and social concerns has caused 11,000,000 people to turn to a vegetarian lifestyle, while 1,600,000 have become vegan. Other studies have reported that the percentage of vegans versus vegetarians is just about equal. In either case, the growing interest in moving away from animal products has created a market for a product free of meat as well as other additives such as GMO ingredients, nuts, gluten, soy, and chemicals.

Overcoming The Problems of Buying Vegan

Many companies are quick to slap a label on products that marks them as "organic" or "natural," but the generic labels do not mean that the product is free of animal products, GMO additives, or other additives that could trigger allergies for some users. Those who want to stay clear of meat or other specific ingredients need to be savvy consumers who search out vegan or vegetarian products, and who read labels.

Most products incorporated into American diets have a version that will claim to be vegan. There are many reliable lists of products that replace eggs, meats, cheese, milk, yogurt, baking products, and condiments to guide you as you shop. For example, The Ordinary Vegan offers a handy grocery list, while Vegan Actions/Vegan Awareness Foundation offers up-to-date information about companies that are certified vegan companies.

When determining whether to buy a product, the ingredient list is your friend. You should learn the lingo on labels so that you can identify additives that come from meat stabilizers, gelatin, food dyes, and other ingredients present in small amounts that may not be vegan.

Mixes From Kester Foods Make Vegan Burgers Easy

The vegan's friend is a product that is convenient, tasty, and compliant with vegan principles that require no second-guessing as to whether they are really vegan. Kester Foods of Roseburg, Oregon, offers an easy way to make vegan patties that are free from the additives that many people want to remove from their diets.

The company sells mixes that include beans and a variety of spices to make an array of tasty vegan burgers. The four flavors include Spicy Mexican, Italian, Black Bean and Olive, and Veggie Six. By just adding water, you can make a blend that you can shape into burgers or loaves that will smell and taste delicious.

Available in bags that serve several people or in wholesale quantities, Vegan Burger patties from Kester Foods are clearly labeled and are free from ingredients you don't want in your food if you are vegan or have an allergy to gluten, soy, or nuts. The company offers a variety of soups and oatmeal to help round out your daily menu.

You can order Kester Foods products on the website and have them delivered right to your door for a flat $10 shipping fee. For more information, call today at 1-800-700-2184.

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