Our meals are nutritious, filling, healthy, vegetarian, natural, non-GMO, purchased from Kosher suppliers, and are based on 3 staples: oats, beans, and freeze dried fruit.

All of food products included in the 30-Day Food Supply are packed in 6 separate 15-serving Mylar pouches with oxygen absorbers inside.

Our products are of the highest quality and are supplied from Kester Foods. Most of the food is grown right here in the Pacific Northwest (though unfortunately bananas, mangoes, and pineapples do not grow very well here). All food is hand-packed by Oregonians in a processing plant licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

All of our ingredients are non-GMO and gluten FREE!

Orders are packed and prepared as ordered to ensure maximum freshness. Other processors claim a 30 year shelf life for identical ingredients with identical packaging conditions. We are confident our food supply will last just as long, however, our suppliers have actually used their product after 10 years when stored in just paper, so we feel confident with a 10 year shelf life.