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Vegan Burger

Vegan Burger (9 Patties): Veggie Six

Veggie Six Mix: Low-Cal, All Natural Vegan Burger Patties Made Easy!

Whether you have recently taken up a vegan lifestyle, or are a life-long vegan, you are well aware of the struggle: fast food chains offer limited and at times, zero vegan burger options.

And when they do – you can never be sure that your burger patty is free of any harmful additives, preservatives, or allergens, such as soy, nuts, GMO-ingredients and gluten.

Fear No More.

The Veggie Six Mix is here to help you enjoy a 100% vegan burger, any time you crave it!

There’s Nothing Like A Vegan Burger

It all starts with a hearty base of gluten-free oats, organic brown rice, and black and pinto beans.

Then, our fresh-out-the-garden, dehydrated veggies - tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, potatoes, carrots and onions – add depth and unique flavor, making each bite a gourmet vegan experience, which will have you crave for MORE!

Wholesome Vegan Food

Vegan Burger is produced in a vegan and kosher certified facility.

Nutritious, easy to prepare, 100% Vegan.

There’s really no other burger mix on the market that can rival Veggie Six Mix’s quality and taste.

Vegan Burger is a foolproof choice for toddler picky-eaters, as well as for healthy meals on-the-go for outdoors enthusiasts, while hiking or camping.

Try It Out Today – And We’re Confident You’ll Love It As Much As We Do!

Don’t Waste Another Minute!

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