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Easing Into The Vegan Lifestyle With Vegan Burger Patties

Easing Into The Vegan Lifestyle With Vegan Burger Patties

If you are a conscientious cheese-loving, meat-loving American, going vegan may not be something you can do overnight. After swapping the hamburgers with vegan burger patties, many people stop at the vegetarian stage when they realize that a vegan lifestyle means no more cheese on their sandwiches, no eggs for breakfast, and no honey for their toast. Completely living this lifestyle is challenging for most people, so going cold turkey (so to speak) is not an option.

Becoming a successful vegan means learning how to eat healthy food that you enjoy. Food is often a time for socializing with others and a time to flood your palate with a variety of flavors and textures. When you become a vegan, your choice of restaurants may change, which can disrupt your social life at first. You also realize that go-to foods such as pizza, burgers, cheese sticks, and ice cream in versions you can eat are not as readily available. The combination of these two factors can get a dedicated would-be vegan off track.

Easing Into The Vegan Lifestyle

Since becoming vegan requires sacrificing certain foods for the greater good, you may need to work into a vegan lifestyle in order to fulfill your long-term goals of treating animals fairly or freeing up more resources to resolve world hunger. There are several ways you can ease into the lifestyle:

  • Remove items from your diet one by one. For example, you might limit the amount of meat to eat, and avoid it entirely on certain days. Alternatively, you might try eating vegan lunches but continue to eat whatever your family is having at dinnertime.
  • Try replacements for products you are used to. If you love to drink milk and slather butter on your toast, make the move to almond or soy milk and phase in margarine. Finding the right replacement for a food you like might take some research, but you can usually find a plant-based alternative. Many products have a vegan form, including cheese.
  • Look for easy alternatives. As hamburgers are a staple for many people in all age groups, find a vegan veggie burger you like. Some manufacturers offer frozen garden burgers in your local grocer, but you can also consider vegan mixes to create plant-based burgers yourself.
  • Find where to buy vegan products without busting your budget. You may find plenty of sources of seasonal organic vegetables, but your local grocery store may not carry vegan cheese or other products. By planning ahead and Googling sources for specific food products in your local area, you can find what you need and stay on track in your journey toward veganism.
  • Incorporate variety into your diet. Being a vegan can be healthy, but does not mean that you instantly lose your taste for fast food or snacks. You may not want a bag of carrots to be your only stress reliever on a bad day. As noted above, research local options for vegan sweets and salty snacks.
  • Develop a "vegan IQ." Many foods and beverages that you would not think of as violating a vegan lifestyle may have animal products in them, such as dyes derived from insects or proteins derived from animals. Some products carry a vegan trademark, but for those that don't, there are websites such as Barnivore that list vegan-friendly beverages.

Enjoy The Convenience Of Vegan Burger Patties

While learning to eat vegan can be challenging, there is plenty of help available to learn about the lifestyle, and plenty of easily adaptable food choices. For example, versatile vegan burger mixes from Vegan Mix can make it easy to love vegan patties. With no gluten, no soy, no allergens, and no chemical additives, this product makes it easy to make healthy choices. Check the available options we have and order online! For more information, call 1-800-700-2184.