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Vegan Burger Mixes Offer Great Options For Institutional Cooking

Vegan Burger Mixes Offer Great Options For Institutional Cooking

If you are cooking for a large group such as a scout troop or for institutions such as a school, you can no longer assume that all the kids you cook for are meat eaters. Current statistics published by Vegetarian Times indicate that 3.2% of adults in the US are vegetarian, while .5% are vegan. Since parents often expose their children to their beliefs, an increasing number of children follow the lifestyle of their parents or make a choice on their own to become vegetarian for reasons that often start with preventing cruelty to animals.

Vegan And Vegetarian Kids Are Healthier

Offering vegan foods in large group settings not only respects the philosophy espoused at home or by the child himself, but also can be a healthier way to live. Currently, childhood obesity is in all age groups over the age of two through 19. According to the Journal of American Medicine, 31.9% of children and adolescents 2 through 19 are above the 85th percentile of BPM for their age, while type II diabetes and other diseases that correlate with weight gain are also on the increase.

Vegan or vegetarian diets help fight obesity and Type II diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, and promote a lower body mass index. For schools and other institutional groups, offering vegan and vegetarian selections promotes the health of the whole group as well as respects the preferences of individuals.

Vegan Menu Choices That Appeal To All

Children can be picky eaters, as anyone who cooks for them at home knows all too well. The problem is multiplied in group settings that cater to whole classes of picky eaters. For dietitians and cooks who devise menus for kids, the challenge is finding foods they will eat. Typical favorites include burgers, Sloppy Joes, wraps, tacos, chili, pastas, and stir fries - items that can all be made with Vegan Burger mixes from Vegan Mix. The products are so tasty that they are the basis for a great menu additions in group settings that appeal to adults, such as corporate cafeterias and hospitals.

Based in Oregon, Vegan Mix offers wholesale pricing for its popular line of vegan burger mixes that contain no soy, no gluten, no allergens, no animal products and no chemical additives. Available in four flavors, including Italian, Mexican, black beans and olives, and six-veggie combinations, the mixes make the perfect menu ingredients for many of the meals that kids like. Because they require no refrigeration, keeping the mixes on hand is easy for schools, which often have limited room in freezers or refrigerators. Products from Vegan Mix can stay right on the shelf until they are used.

Wholesale And Retail Pricing Options From Vegan Mix

The company offers wholesale pricing and quantities of their popular Vegan Burger mixes, which are available direct from the company or through food and produce distributors or West Coast customers. Ordering is economical for retail customers too as the company offers flat rate shipping of $10 regardless of order size. For information, contact us today at 1-877-793-8857.